Hotl Lunch Program

On-Line Registration Instructions
All PAC Hot Lunch Orders will be on-line to support our efforts to reduce paper and make
ordering even easier for you!!!!! Set up your account and order your child’s first hot lunch
Here’s How….
1. Go to
2. Click the “REGISTER” menu at the top right hand corner to sign up.
3. Enter our School Access Code: PWHL (case sensitive)
4. Enter your name, email address and phone, then a user ID that you will use for access to
the hot lunches application. Please note your User ID will be visible to other users and
volunteers. Please choose a User ID that is not embarrassing or inappropriate. Enter a
password and then enter it again to verify that it is correct.
5. Once registered, you will be logged into the website.
6. Please add your students by clicking on the “STUDENTS” button below or the “PROFILE”
menu tab in order to proceed. Enter your child’s name, class and select YES to be
included on the class list.
7. Once your students have been added to the system you will be able to place lunch
orders immediately by clicking the “Order” button below each child’s name.
8. Place your order and use the secure and easy PAYPAL option to pay for your child’s
lunch. Please note you do not need to create a PAYPAL account – you can pay as a
9. If you are unable to pay online, you can print off a remittance form and drop off a
cheque in the office by the order deadline.
Not participating in hot lunch? An account will also be required to order your child’s milk
card! We also encourage you to register even if your child does not participate in the Hot
Lunch or Milk Program so that you are able to receive emails and important reminders from
Still have questions, email us at we would be happy to assist!

link to the hot lunch online order site

Click link to open resource.