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Humboldt Strong jersey day on Thursday, April 12

Humboldt Strong jersey day on Thursday, April 12

by Anthoney Rempel -
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The students in Mr. Sandhu's class wanted to do something to show support for the community of Humboldt in response to the terrible tragedy that took place over the weekend. You have probably heard about the incredible fundraising effort taking place with the help of a GoFundMe site and maybe even the Humboldt Jersday Day idea that has been trending on social media over the last few days. The students thought it would be great if our school participated in the jersey day and they also wanted to have a two-day bake sale with the proceeds being added to the GoFundMe site. If you wish to make a monetary donation you can also visit the GoFundMe site by clicking on this link:

It was wonderful to see the students showing so much enthusiasm and drive to organize this event. We are hoping to have a good amount of baked goods to sell over the two days. Thank you for supporting this cause, as it is our class's (and school's!) way of helping the community of Humboldt. Below you will find detailed information about the bake sale and the Humboldt Strong jersey day.

Humboldt Strong Jersey Day
Thursday, April 12th
Wear a hockey jersey or any sports jersey.
Don't have a jersey? Wear green and yellow (Broncos team colours)

Bake Sale for Broncos
Wed & Thurs (April 11th and 12th)
Cupcakes, Cookies, Squares
Cost: 50 cents to $1
Located in the hallway by the library
Please remember that homemade baked good could potentially have cross-contamination with peanut, tree nut, and other potential allergens.