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Bell Schedule

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Bell Schedule
by J. Schmidt - Tuesday, 23 September 2014, 9:59 AM

The bell schedule has been changed for this year,

Pacific Way’s      Daily Schedule

8:21 am   -     Students can enter the school. There is no supervision before 8:20.

8:31 am  -     Morning classes commence.   

10:05 am      -               Recess, students go outside.

10:20 am      -               Recess ends & students return to class.

12:00 pm      -               Lunch hour – students can eat their lunch in their classroom or go home for lunch.

 12:15 pm      -Students may leave their classrooms and go outside or to other activities.

 12:46 pm      -Students return to class for afternoon classes.

 12:51 pm      -Afternoon classes commence.

 2:31 pm        -Dismissal for the day.