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Adopt a School Challenge from TRU Men's Volleyball

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Adopt a School Challenge from TRU Men's Volleyball
by J. Schmidt - Tuesday, 22 October 2013, 3:46 PM

Adopt a school Challenge

TRU Men's Volleyball is having a contest among all of the schools participating in the Adopt a School Program:

Beattie, Rayleigh, Dallas, Juniper, Arthur Stevens
Lloyd George, Dufferin, South Sahali, Pacific Way

 The school who has the most people attending based on a percentage of total students (friends and family included) will win the contest. There will be a box where you can register your name and group size.

They are providing free tickets for our matches against the University of Calgary:
Friday November 1st 2:45
Saturday November 2nd 2:45

1. The winning school receives 500 dollars in Sports Equipment or Adidas clothing through Big Kahuna the official supplier of WolfPack Athletics
2. Second place Pizza Party for their school (30 large Pizza’s) supplied by Gyldi’s pizza
3. Third place receives 300 dollars of Adidas gear, supplied by Big Kahuna

In addition we are offering family and group pizza deals for this weekend:
 I large (Peperoni, Hawaiian or cheese) pizza for 10 dollars if you pre order by emailing: