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Reading Week

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Reading Week
by S. Zryd - Tuesday, 12 January 2010, 10:51 AM

Reading Week at Pacific Way

January 25-29,2010


Book clues begin – guess the correct book and your name will go in for a prize. Each class will have a draw on Friday. To have your name entered answer the book clue correctly.

Principal’s challenge: start recording how many minutes you read each day. Most minutes read Primary (this can be read to or independent reading) and Intermediate students will have lunch out with the principal.

DEAR (drop everything and read): Every single person in the school must drop what you’re doing and READ when you hear the announcement (READ). This includes parents and staff so be sure to bring a book with you if you are going to be at the school this week! We will announce when you may stop reading.

Poster/Banner (1 or more if needed): Each class will design a poster/banner to advertise their class’ favorite book to be posted by Friday.


What’s my word Day: In the morning teachers will give their students paper on which they will write a word. (They can choose it the evening before if they wish). Then you try to see how many people you can stump. This isn’t a contest-just a fun way to increase our vocabulary.

Book Swap bring a book from home and put it in our book swap for each book you bring in you will get a coupon that will entitle you to choose a new book.


POEM in my POCKET Day – each person should have a copy of a poem in his/her pocket. Teachers will switch classes for 15 minutes and read a story of their choice to another class in the school at 10:30am.

Red Day – wear red for Canada! Olympic Torch day in Kamloops. We have a Dad (Dumbrell) carrying the torch at 6:00pm on Summit Drive!


READ ME Day – Everybody wears clothing with words on them (nothing offensive/drug related). If you don’t have a t-shirt with print on you can create these t-shirts by using masking tape on a dark t-shirt.

Intermediate Ski Day


Last day for Book clue contest. Draws for prizes at recess. Students can come to the office for a prize during recess.

Principal’s challenge Teachers send the name of the student in her class who read the most minutes. The 2 top readers – one Primary and one Intermediate student will have lunch with Mrs. Zryd at a restaurant in February.

Spelling Bee: TBA (Don’t forget to bring a book to the gym!)

Posters or banners can be seen in our halls. Take a tour.